Choosing the right boards is one of the hardest things about packing for a long trip – especially without having surfed the waves before. We’ve all lugged oversized guns around the place with dreams of charging triple overhead bombs….yet when it hits that little novelty spot in the bay suddenly looks super fun! Likewise, when there’s square overhead barrels and all you packed was a 5’8″ fish…well you’re going to spend a lot of time underwater.

This trip is likely to serve up everything from long mellow points to heaving reefs at 2 to 20ft (which realistically I will be nowhere near) making board selection….difficult. Selection as follows:

6’5″ semi-gun. Beautiful roundtail that has seen me through some of the best waves of my life

5’11” Doc Lausch epoxy fish. Best board i’ve ever owned. Willing and able companion through NZ, all over Aus & multiple Indo trips. Must call in & thank the man when I reach Cali.

5’4″ Mini Simmonds from Jesse @ Black Apache. This thing’s the biz in small waves & field tests at solid overhead K-patch indicate it’ll hold beautifully in the big…

Right. Plane to catch. I’m off

Hasta luego amigos

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