After a night back in Santiago to recharge somewhat backfires with a pisco-fuelled night out with the Beya brothers & friends, crawl onto the late bus to Pichilemu feeling considerably below average. Arrive with the last light showing 2 footers reeling down the point. Local guys are frothing on the sand bank here at the moment with ‘better than lobos’ calls being thrown around. Even with a bumpy little swell its looking perfect. Pumped for the early!


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2 Responses to Pichilemu

  1. Xavier says:


    Disfruta de Pichilemu, y saludame al Jose!!!

    You made amazing photos!!! I love you article in coastalwatch too.

    Y acuerdate del accento tsileno: “un wi’ki y una pi’cola po’ hevon!!”

    and remember (left)1-2-3-4-(right)5-6-7

    • Tom says:

      Thanks Xavier – Pichilemu’s a great little place. Think i’m going to enjoy the next few weeks here! Will say hi to Jose for you. Hope alls well @ the lab & in Manly.

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