Misty Morros

So whats new…. routine established: wake, coffee + surf check, quick paddle at Puntilla if its on, 2hrs school (Spanish is apparently not my strong point), lunch, siesta and evening surf at either Puntilla or Lobos.

Was big (see last post), then got a bit small, then got a bit mid size, then got big again today… The way in when big is via Los Morros: Time the lull and paddle across a channel (mistime it & you’re flushed out into the lineup), get washed onto a low shelf and climb up onto the Los Morros island, walk between the rocks (so you’re now on the seaward side!!), wait for a lull and jump into the keyhole. Oh yea, the sets break directly onto the rocks next to the keyhole so don’t fck it up. We did a little ‘test run’ earlier in the week on a small day and an amigo from the hostel mis-timed the jump (to be fair he stopped at the edge and I yelled at him to go…not quite sure whether that was the right thing to do in hindsight), he was pinballed through the rocks right down the point and ended up climbing up the cliffs…

Today was a bit more serious with sea mist limiting visibility to 70 m or so and 8 footers (double to triple overhead) appearing out of nowhere and detonating on the rocks. The mist meant you couldn’t actually see a set approaching but just had to assume that since it’d been big for a while it was probably a lull now…very sketchy. Watched the locals charging the sets on their oversized guns (warming up for winter apparently), kept out of trouble and grabbed a few smaller ones. Bigger tomorrow apparently. Hopefully the mist lifts and I can bring back some pics.

Oh yea, I think the slide is up to around 300 m. Some beautiful long walls at Puntilla (Pitchilemu point) last night. Legs aching already…have some way to go before Peru.

The morning routine:

Luli the hostel puppy. A fluffy ball of destruction with a penchant for Patagonia wetsuit wool lining…

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