Pancakes @ Mirador

Swells dropped and barrels have replaced big drops as the currency of choice @ Lobos. Some sand seems to have moved into the bay and El Mirador section finally turned on on the low tide. Roman Navarro and Diego Medina trading some crazy long sand-sucking barrels.

So amateur hour with the photos. Took along the Gopro for some water shots but left the anti-fog inserts @ home…result. Foggy lens. Fail. Surfed instead. Win. Left the other camera at home (why would I need that when i’ve got the gopro). Fail.

Hollow Mirador

Puntilla still pumping thismorning but….i’m sore, tired and just a little bit surfed out… Santiago thisafternoon.

This am. Looking good but...not quite good enough.

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  1. Andy says:

    Looks like some nice sliding going on bro! good work following with intrest.

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