Market Day in Pichi

Ok, i’ve been asked to share a little more non-surf related information… !? I know, but anyway, with a bad shoulder, water activities are off the agenda. Today is market day. Spanglish my way to corn, tomatoes, home-made chile sauce and a new hat. Result.

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3 Responses to Market Day in Pichi

  1. dome says:

    nice blog shandy. keep it coming. requests for non-surf related posts – got to keep mum happy when here boy is away?

    • Tom says:

      Yea, something like that bro 😉 You up for a repeat Mexi trip later in the year? Think there’s a few right hand barrels with your name on!

  2. Susan shand says:

    Yep they are great. I’ve absorbed every detail – thanks Tom. Was that big man strumming his guitar behind you and the coffee shirtless – while it looks chilly enough for you to have a jacket on? Funny. xx Mum

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