South in the crushed snail

Pichilemu I have enjoyed your company but it is time to explore south. The only car available for hire in Pichi is dinged, leaks (oil, water and dust) and, with four boards loaded on the roof, is excruciatingly slow… It is a crushed snail – you know, the one you stand on when you walk outside in the middle of the night to take a leak….& it squishes between your toes.

Anyway, with my new Basque buddy Inigo – we are off!

Off to pick up the car - stoked!

dodge the dodgy Pitchi mutt...


The crushed snail is loaded and we are Off!

Fare-the-well Lobos, we will see you again soon.

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2 Responses to South in the crushed snail

  1. nick says:

    love the window shot dude

  2. Susan shand says:

    Yes that peeking window is amazing – but the dog is even more breath-taking – scarily unwell!

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