Crown Jewels

Chile has many many good surf spots but there’s one that stands out. The crown jewel. Needing a solid swell & perfect sand the last few weeks have been a waiting game. This week – game on. While the trials for the Quiksilver Ceremonial were run at giant, windy Lobos we tucked into tubing perfection.

That’s it Chile. Thank you. I’m done.

Punta Perfecto

Bit of a last-minute throw-together crew including Basque, Germans, American and the lone Kiwi navigate the maze of pothole riddled forestry tracks to find the point.

I’ve had worse views….

Touch small and windy when we first arrived. The swell filled in over the next few days and we were left with overhead, low tide goodness

Some fun with the Gopro on the final morning…

Back in Pichi its Semana Santa (Easter week), the place is packed and the waves are big and ugly. I don’t feel like surfing and reckon i’ve earned a few days off. Sad to see a few of the crew head off. Inigo, Brian, Ollie, Markus, John and Max. Good times boys. Thanks.

Update: Surprise sequence from Mr John Murphy. Thanks brudda.

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4 Responses to Crown Jewels

  1. inigo says:

    nice work Tom
    uhmm …missing the good times as much as to take a look at your blog from my very first day at work. So, back into reality.
    Enjoy yours.
    And send a Hi to all the crew around

    • Tom says:

      Inigoooooo, missing you around here bud. Collacion’s just not the same… Some good waves around but crowds doing my head in a bit – give me the south! Hope you’re finding a few over your way.

  2. Brad says:

    Que tal Dr. Tom?

    Looks like you had to settle for some pretty crap waves so far! Meant to drop you a line sooner, but yeah you know I am lazy as!

    All good here in the ‘Bra, been scoring some suprising good and suprisingly frequent waves of late so can’t complain. Nothin’ on the scale of what I see in your pics but double overhead Windang just before Easter was tasty!

    Not much else I can update you on, at least not live to air, what email you checking? Only other thing is am trying to line up a Ment’s trip early June, was thinkin of droppin in on you but the funds won’t run that far, just outta curiousity where you plan to be at in June?

    Take it easy cuz

    Hasta luego


    • Tom says:

      Autumn on the east coast. I’ve seen some pics out of Manly and am more than a little jealous. Heard Windang was off the hook last good east swell too… Flick us a gmail cuz. I’ll probably still be kicking around in the Peruvian desert in June. Jumping up to central July-ish. Ments….yeowwww. With the whanau? Enjoy!!!

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