Misfits bring Aids

A bunch of Sydney misfits turned up in Pichilemu bringing aids and assistance where they’re needed. New houses and a fancy Aquaponics unit. Yeoww.

check em http://misfitaid.tumblr.com/

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4 Responses to Misfits bring Aids

  1. chris Harty says:

    Yo bro, loving your blog. looks like the most amazing trip in an amazing part of the world! Keep the updates coming, they are a welcome distraction to the daily grind…Cheers C

    • Tom says:

      Thanks mate! Hope alls well down in the shakey city!

      • chris Harty says:

        Ha yeah well it’s significantly flatter than it used to be now that’s for sure, just took a drive through the city today as they opened Madras St up. You won’t recognise it, I hardly did. Early winter waves looking good at scarbs recently – clean, glassy, med/small – just how big red likes it… big red being my 9’6 mal

        • Tom says:

          Hey Chris, nice work – must be gettin cold down there though huh? Good to her the citys opening up again. Passed through early this year and it was pretty depressing not being able to get in there… Hope it all goes well anyway!

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