Last days

After weeks of procrastination, its finally happening. Leaving Atlantis, leaving Pichilemu, leaving great uncrowded waves and heading north. Many miles to go until California and I have yet to make a dent.

The last week has been a blast. Pete showed up from NZ, some great waves around, Asados, Amigos. Must be getting a bit desensitized as I left my camera at home during a few Lobos sessions with El Mirador doing its best impression of Padang Padang. Long hollow tuuubes.

I’ll miss:

  • Carlos, Vivi & the family @ Hostel Atlantis
  • Ollie, Inigo, Markus, Brian, John, Joy, Diego, Rob and Matt and all the other crew that have been through here
  • Uncrowded southern points
  • Luli Love. From being a cute, fat little gordita of a puppy she’s grown into a canine wrecking machine. My wetsuit hates her but the rest of us love her.
  • Chori-pan and Carlos’ especial Pollo Asado
  • Oven-baked Empanada Pino from Ross. Alltime.
  • The rock jump @ Los Morros. Standing out there with waves unloading on the shelf 10m away. What a way to start a surf

I won’t miss:

  • The rock jump @ Los Morros. Risking board and limb every entry. Idiotic.
  • Santiago kooks acting as psuedo-locals in Pichi. Let your surfing do your talking. Jerks.
  • Cancer dog. Every day that cyst got bigger, he got skinnier and I felt bad.

Tomorrow we aim north. 1850k to Iquique. 28 hours on a bus and my only book is Darwin’s The Origin of Species. Should be riviting. Chao.

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3 Responses to Last days

  1. Joysauce ;) says:

    Uhh, “I’ll miss…Joy?!” Duhhh. So BOGAN.
    Hahaha. Dude, you guys totally made half my stay in Pichi awesome. Otherwise, Ollie&I would’ve been knitting sweaters in the living room. Thanks for being you! Just the right amount of cool, caballero, and geek! 🙂 I hope you guys find more awesome waves and fewer encounters with cancer dogs. Take care of yourselves and hope our paths cross again so I can learn more Kiwi slang. Chau, amigo~!

    • Tom says:

      Ooops. Editted. Hope the sweaters are coming along well now 🙂 Enjoy the rest of the stay – was great having a bit of female influence around the place! (& I don’t mean the kind you hear coming from Ollies room 😉 Chuur

  2. Susan shand says:

    Cool – like the ‘camp kitchen’

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