It’s time

You know you’ve had enough surf when 3 foot barrels running down a sand bottom point fail to excite. In fact I think the only reason I was still surfing was so my conscience didn’t make too much fun of me in a years time when i’m back sitting at desk staring at the below screen saver…

Pic: PQ

With nothing major brewing in the Pacific this seems like a perfect time to tick off some of those annoying touristy things. Like Machu Picchu. And Starbucks. But first….two weeks in the desert deserves a reward. And that reward is Mancora and the infamous Loki Hostel. Great food (Mexican. 3 meals straight. Amazing), showers (hot!!?), a pool and some nightlife (though sheltering a bar downtown while two local gangs go at it with bottles outside renders this a questionable plus) is all a welcome change from Lobitos. We also get a chance to see how the other half travel – the partyers crawling from hot-spot to hot-spot in the blur of a 5-month bender. They’re mostly entertaining and keen for a chat. The only problem is that while they have a lot of words…. they have very little to say. I fear this is a skill lost with age (yea yea, grumpy old 30 year old).

Great weekend PQ, Ben and Alex! See you in a few weeks Lobitos when the Pacific decides to play ball again.

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  1. Jonty says:

    Nice one bro. Funny to think that I was in Loki almost the exact same time last year. Cheap and awesome ceviche at loki and even better stuff further down the road.

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