PQ Productions

PQ’s been a busy boy pulling together some great vids of the travels. Enjoy

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5 Responses to PQ Productions

  1. Brad says:

    Dr. Tom,

    Classic videos mate! Particularly liked the ‘disco dancing’ footage from the GoPro at Chicama! Also the double rock-off at Punta de Lobos looks fun!

    Good psych up though, am off to the Ment’s tomorrow! Forecast looks like fun size to start with then a 2m 16sec pulse later next week!! Yeeeooww!!

    Take it easy cuz,

    Hasta Luego,


    • Tom says:

      Yeowwww! Enjoy the Ments Brudda! You’ve earned it. Glad you enjoyed em – Great work by Pete pulling em together. Stop in & say hi to my mate Christie if you end up surfing Hideaways. Look forward to the pics. Keep safe.

  2. bonniegeronimo says:

    looks soooo fun! stoked to see you sliding. x.

  3. xavier says:

    Marvelous videos!!!
    Do continue to enjoy your latin-american trip and share these very nice photos and videos.
    Looks like you will never come back 🙂
    Cuidate mucho!

    • Tom says:

      Thanks Xavier! Yep, loving it over here. Hope alls well in Mantown. Looking forward to a Catchup soon. T

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