Welcome to the jungle

In the words of tight-panted, long-haired 80’s rockers Guns N’ Roses – Welcome to the Jungle, you’re gonna die. Whether it be on the 10hr winding undercut death road on the way in, navigating up rapids in the dark, stepping on the assortment of deadly snakes, scorpions and spiders or getting lost and wandering too far west into the ‘untouched zone’ where tribes still refuse western contact and kill on sight (luckily at least 2 days walk from where we were apparently…) the Amazon has plenty of ways up her sleeve. Sorry, that was a bit dramatic. She also has absolutely stunning scenery and the four day trek down from the highlands at Cuzco, through the cloud forest and into Amazon rainforest did not disappoint. Animals in the wild were a little scarce but the family-run ‘two parrots’ wildlife refuge made up for it. Parrots, a spider monkey and sloth, weird raccoon-cat-dog things (looks like a raccoon, wants to jump on you like a cat and ADD like a dog), wild pigs and knee high rodents and an Ocelot kitten which looked like any other incredibly cute six week old kitten except for its leopard marking and wild snarling meow.

Overall, a great trip with Greg, PQ, Ben and Alex and a welcome change from weeks of chasing waves along the Peruvian coast. Thanks to Freddie our guide (greenlandperu.com) and the drivers, cooks and crew.

Pics by Tom, Greg & PQ

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