Tourist Tick

The final tourist ‘tick’ before heading back to the coast is the 15th Century Inca ruins at Machu Picchu. While Ben, Alex and PQ trek in via the 4 day Sulkantay route, Greg & I opt for the more leisurely (read lazy) village-crawl through the Sacred Valley and into Aguas Caliente. As luck would have it after 4 months without seeing a drop of rain its hosing down.

The site at Machu Picchu is impressive. It is awe inspiring. And its size and attention to detail given the tools available at the time is just incredible. But at the same time there are so many tourists and everything is so focused on extracting maximum tourist dollar it kind’ve feels like you’re being held upside down and shaken…



Back in Cuzco and sadly time for a group breakup. PQ to El Salvador, Ben and Alex to Bolivia and Greg & me back to the coast and really looking forward to getting back into the water. So long kids, its been great. All the best and see you along the road.

Overnight bus trip back to Lima is the usual good times – D-grade movies in Spanish, girl singing herself to tears behind us and a 95dB snorer next door. At least I didn’t get followed to the toilets and molested this time around… Now its just a waiting game for this dirty big anticyclone which has been blocking swell in the SE Pacific for weeks now to move on and for some proper winter swells to light things up again.

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