Pointless Postcards

Sitting around Lima getting fat and bored while Greg doth battle with Peruvian Post for his lost credit cards. What better way to kill time than Pointless Postcards – trying to convey the least amount of useful information in the most words on the most pointless cards. Should be a bunch of these turning up in letterboxes around NZ soon. Betya can’t wait!


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2 Responses to Pointless Postcards

  1. Hamish Maclean says:

    Hey Boys

    Sorry to hear that the great PQ has moved on. I was hoping he might hang around till I am over there. Greg….why am I not surprised that you have lost something which is critical to you being able to keep travelling!! Hope you sorted those credit cards mate.

    Tom, I am looking forward to a quiet beer and learning a little more about llamas and the bridges of Peru.

    • Tom says:

      Yea, I hope by ‘moved on’ you don’t know something I don’t – PQ heads off to the most dangerous country in Central America and we haven’t heard from him for over a week! Looking forward to having you over mish!

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