Punta Hermosa

With sweet F-A swell floating around the East Pacific courtesy of one jerk of an anti-cyclone we hold off on heading back north and go south to Punta Hermosa instead. No idea where to stay so we just get the taxi to take us to the best lookout point and hope something but comes up. There’s a restaurant there with a classic Italian guy named Mario. He loves Kiwis and hooks us up with a 3 story apartment with rooftop balcony looking out over Senoritas, Caballeros and the mighty Pico Alto. Result.

Punta Hermosa is a string of beaches and headlands and is kind’ve the getaway spot for the Lima rich. Read ugly clifftop terrace apartments lining the coastline and stone faced rent-a-cops manning road checkpoints every couple hundred metres. Pretty gross but town itself (where the plebs live) is cool, people friendly, food is good and cheap and each of those headlands has a left and right off the end – kind’ve Peruvian Taranaki. Picks up all swell so is a great option when things are small. Even get to surf a few rights for the first time in months!


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2 Responses to Punta Hermosa

  1. andy morgan says:

    I like the new main photo bro. also that point with the umbrellas in the fore ground looks sick. Like you say could be tars. Getting into the darkest of wninter here nut been a lot surf wise lately. But 3 weeks a go had a great run with some of the best south I’ve had in ages. Looked like the old days.

    • Tom says:

      Yea, was hearing all about home a few weeks ago…sounded amazing. Still not a lot of swell over this side but at least the waters warm & there looks like a bit more due next week. Fingers crossed.

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