Huanchaco, home of caballitos de totora (reed riders) for over 3000 years and now home of Roof dog. Nothing escapes a verbal dressing down from Roof dog, particularly men in hats and small children. So, we finally went to Huanchaco. Not that we’d been particularly avoiding it but I just hadn’t seen the point (excuse the pun) when there are much better waves around. It turns out that its actually a cool little town – fun, cheap and full of tourists and learner surfers. While learners can be a bit annoying at times (English accent: So yea, today like, I got three really good waves and there was even a dolphin riding in one of them) they’re a lot better than Argentinian almost-pros (well in their own mind anyway). Spend a fun couple of days hanging out with new people, eating good food and logging the mushy left. Greg decides to take up Spanish lessons & I decide to get the hell out of there and find some waves again.

Point Uninspiring....


Reed riders                                              Roof dog – badass

Overnight to Lobitos. No power, no running water, hot & dusty. Lunchtime solo session at the point. Simmons is flying. Lobitos makes me smile.


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