Siesta Sessions

Back home. Well second home anyway – nothings going to replace Pichilemu and Atlantis for a while… But Lobitos has become a close second. Not quite sure why, its isolated, the surf is consistent and reasonable but crowded. La Casona must have something to do with it – the people, the view! Left the rest of the boys still partying in Huanchaco and headed north solo. The sand on Lobitos has changed a bit from last time; not the same hollow, sand-hugging tubes but still long, fun walls. Some swell finally snuck through those highs and turned things on a bit. Mornings are a bit chaotic but, like last time, lunchtime/siesta sessions are empty. 3-5 of us out for 3 hours yesterday – exhausted but just couldn’t leave with empty waves like those coming through. Should get heading north into Central America but as the very well surf-travelled Mr Allan Weisbecker once wrote “you should never leave good surf”. In which case you could get stuck here for a very long time…

First up, PQs vid from last Lobitos trip. Then, sick of front-deck sunset shots, i’ve tried to find a few new angles. Enjoy.

Couldn’t stand Talara last time around but enjoying it more this time – sit back with 4 sol Ceviche and a beer, watch the world go by & the fruit market is off the hook.

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