Rigs of Peru

Oil rigs – we’ve got heaps. 530 or something ridiculous. And in typical Peruvian style once the oil’s dried up decommissioning involves removing lights, safety equipment and leaving them to rust in peace. Growing up in NZ  on an upbringing of ‘if its high, bomb it‘, getting a fishing boat to run us a couple of K out for some sunset dives seemed like a great idea.  Was a little higher than it looked from shore…. We should have guessed when the Argies turned up in full wetsuits for the jump. Kiwi Matt’s flying fox into staple does not end well for him but is hilarious for all others concerned. Been a good few days in Lobitos – friends arriving, friends leaving, new friends made, fisherman festival in town and the swells finally on the up! Thanks all – esp. Kel & Rach for all the Central America surf/driving tips. Legends.

Classic compilation vid pulled together by JP. Nice work.

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