On Guard

And things in Lobitos just keep getting stranger… Sitting on the front deck of La Casona a couple of mornings ago enjoying some post-surf sunshine when we’re stormed by 20 police with dogs and 6 municipality officials wielding warrants and video-cameras. Figured they had the wrong place and the international drug bust was going on down the road but nope, it was us. La Casona was shut down immediately and until further notice!? Front door sealed up and military guards placed on 24 hour surveillance… This is all a little confusing as no one here speaks or reads much Spanish and the injunction is 2 pages of hand-written bureaucratic jargon…. So, they leave and after a few more minutes of eyeing our new guards, we try the windows which are still open and begin our new life as ‘squatters’.


Pretty sweet – window access, no room fees as we’re all ‘volunteers’ now. Well, the boys all  volunteer for surf duty as the new swell filled in. While we didn’t do quite as well as the boys down south at Chicama or up north at Pavones; we do manage to find a few goodies to ourselves at a fickle little lefthander around the corner. Yeeow.

Matty, Tim and Elmo keeping composure



Sunsets at Lobitos…. addictive.


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2 Responses to On Guard

  1. Susan shand says:

    How weird! Better watch it that they can’t now ‘do’ you all for trespass.

  2. Jay says:

    Shacked and foot to the floor! I hope you thanked your camera man (or lady). By the way what sort of camera have you got?

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