Win some lose some

With a big swell finally due there was one point in North Peru that I still really wanted to surf. My success rate on roadies has been pretty good so far on this trip (see: Chicama and Crown Jewels) but laziness coupled with a few other mistakes and a good dose of Peruvian incompetence meant we didn’t have a car for The day and had to make do at Lobitos. Still had some pretty good waves (see last post) but felt a little ripped off. Kind’ve knew it was all over but we organised a car for the next day anyway and headed north with Matty, Tim and Elmo. Return to Lobitos several hours later. Fun day but swells dropped and no waves. Fail. However, in true surf-mag travel article style, I will put up a few pics that make the surf look great and everyone jealous at home. Ha.


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