Last days in Lobitos, roadie fail, rig jump V2, police still staking out Casona, round 2, leaving friends, loose in mancora, Timmy late night dolphin surf, body hurting – not 21 anymore, glad to escape, overnight to Equador, time to leave South America 🙁 So long, it has been great. Hello Central.

Small, empty final days on the point

La Casona Squatters

Timmy Dex stars in No Sleep Dolphin Rider

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2 Responses to Escape

  1. Martyn Hume says:

    Out of there just in time Tom, right before a massive group of chicks turns up to snake all your waves.

    • Tom says:

      The only thing worse than a grom doing an air over you head is a girl grom doing it…. Yep, out just in time.

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