Pavones. Central America’s answer to Chicama. Not quite as long  (~1.1 km cf. 2.2) and a bit sectiony when small owing to the point’s flat orientation but with a hollow inside section and backed by Costa Rican jungle it is picturesque non-the-less. Swell is small when we arrive but to guarantee that it comes up overnight we celebrate Robbie’s birthday in good kiwi style with a beach fire and low-grade rum. Sure enough, with deservedly sore heads we wake at dawn to a nice little swell filling in and reeling down the point. Unfortunately, with forecasting being what it is, Everyone within a one day drive radius knows its on as well and the crowd can be pretty intense. Robbie objects to a drop-in with a good sharp shove. Unfortunately it was the one local you didn’t want to push off and things got pretty heated in the water and then on land. Interestingly, more by American expat ‘locals’ than by the real Ticas. But I guess  you’ve gotta do something to make your life seem worthwhile when you transplant yourself to a backwater like this.

As is always the case, the last morning is On but after a quick dip we have to head back to the border to try and pick up some paperwork for our dodgy car. Semi-fail as the guy we’ve already paid to look after it (I know, rookie mistake) never shows. But we do get a very official looking letter from a Lawyer stating our intentions to drive straight through Costa to Nicuagra and onwards to Mex. We’re not really sure what good this is but with nothing else we give it a go. Seems to do the trick at the first few police blocks. Fingers crossed for the rest….


Happy Birthday Rob


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