The great central american roadie begins….

After several months of busing, hitching and walking through South America the prospect of buying a car and roadying up through central was Very attractive. Cars turned out to be a bit harder to come by in Panama than anticipated and we had pretty much given up and gone to Bocas when we heard through the F-book wireless that some Aussies had just driven down from Mex and had a mex plated car to sell. ’99 Ford Explorer 4WD. So back to David to check out this dream mobile. Perfect. A couple of days of lawyers and paperwork and the car’s ours – well once we get it out of Panama anyway. The Aussie boys bring it back over the border for us then head off south to Panama City. All looks to be good to go except….when we get to the Costa Rican side they turn us down flat. Car can’t come back into the country until September… Arghh. This throws a bit of a spanner in the works as we’re now stuck in a dodgy boarder town without being able to cross back into Panama or onwards to Costa and there’s good swell about to hit Pavones. Luckily things aren’t so secure on the costa side and we slide down a side road and on to Pavones.


North to South Aussies                                      South to North Kiwis

The mexican beast. Good to go

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