My mate John is a Legend. You meet a lot of cool people travelling and you inevitably swap details and swap “come stay with me when you get to (insert far-flung location I’ll never go to here)”. But John’s was slightly different: “When you get to Costa come stay at my family’s hotel – it’ll be closed for the offseason but I’ll have them open it up”. So we did, and they did. Sole occupancy in a stunning resort on a deserted Costa Rican beach. This is the rockstar lifestyle. Well it beats sneaking around costa avoiding police stops anyway and we spend a very enjoyable and relaxing few days. Good waves too at a great little righthand reef and a rivermouth A-frame. We need to drive through a few mangrove pools on the way in and are (pleasantly) surprised when there’s no one else there. We find out why on the way out when the tide has come in and we’re near bonnet deep. The Mexican Rig does us proud though. Time is up all too soon, there’s a new swell building and Nicaraguan reefs beckon. Thanks to Xinia, Jamelet, Uncle Ron and his tales of womanising around the globe and of course my good friend (and a bloody good surfer) John Jr. Legend.

The A-frame

The right

The drive out…

Rig + Quiver + Crew

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  1. bonniegeronimo says:

    highlight! living the high life rock-styling!

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