Prodding the tiger

With the biggest swell in some weeks building we were in no mood to waste any more time dealing with dodgy Costa customs ‘officials’ and shot straight over the border to Nicaragua and down to the coast. Awoke in the morning to six foot of clean Pacific groundswell groomed by the perpetual offshores generated by the Lago de Nicaragua.

Inside Popoyo is a reasonable A-frame but the outer reef is where the action happens. Swells come in from deep water, doubling in size as they wedge up onto the takeoff then turn themselves inside out over the reef. Would be challenging enough without the 20 knot offshore and the semi-dry slab section down the line. We give it a nudge on the semi-guns but with sets in the triple overhead range and most of the serious guys on 7’6″+ boards we’re really just dabbling and trying not to get smushed all over the reef. Hector’s charging, everyone else gets a few but as Hamish says, its kind’ve like prodding a sleeping tiger with a pole – sooner or later he’ll wake up and you’ll lose an arm. We retreat before the tiger wakes.

The afternoon is a complete flipside at a left point we’ll call LLs. Bit of a walk and paddle to get there (hence lack of photos – sorry) but once there its overhead, beautifully walled up and reeling for 200 m. Crowded in the morning but by the time we arrive everyone’s off for lunch and the 20 guys and 6 boats that were there when we arrive depart and leave the four of us trading waves to ourselves for the next two hours. As good as surf travel gets!


Mish tiptoeing around the tiger

Hectic. Yea boy!

The Tiger

So we’re still sans-vehicle but no-one’s in jail, no-one’s in hospital and no-one’s sitting behind a computer desk. Life could be worse…

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