The Boom. Central America’s worst kept secret since La Jolla. We’d heard whispers about this place since Panama and had to check it out. An offshore estuary delta bends and focuses swell into a 500 m long stretch of wedging barrelling goodness known as The Boom. Similar to Matakana or South Straddie except that instead of waiting for the odd lost low pressure system Boom is exposed to the full brunt of the Pacific.

Joe’s an old Portuguese guy who runs the local hostel, plays resident evil on his Xbox and breaks up dog fights with his slingshot. Joe’s classic. Food’s great, waves are off the hook and everyone gets their fair share of barrels and beatings – known locally as getting Boomed. The line of the trip is Hector’s when he overhears a water photographer telling the Floridian groms he’s shooting to get more waves “just take everything – if someone’s on it just go, you’ve got priority”. Hector to photog “they take my waves I’ll take their f#@king heads off”. Silence. Gold.


Pro grom punks

          Pics from ML



Joe and friends

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3 Responses to BooM

  1. Andy says:

    did he have to take any groms heads off? what a call eh shit! yanks for ya?

  2. Jimmy says:

    Ah so this is what was in the North… I always wondered… you have been blessed by the southern Hemi storms this year! great stuff. Looks like Nica has boomed since I was there 12 years ago!… secret is well and truly out.

    • Tom says:

      Yea, still nothing on Mex or Costa but it does seem to be getting busy – in the south at least. North still seems to have a few secrets…

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