“If you’re up for adventure take the boat”

Says Joe. One good thing about not having a truck is you can avoid crapholes like Honduras altogether. While there’s no ‘ferry’ between Nicaragua and El Salvador we head to the northern tip and find a friendly fisherman (or out of work drug-smuggler, we couldn’t work out which) who was more than happy to run us across. Lifejackets, flares, short-wave radio, bahh, that crap’ll slow you down. Slightly worried half-way across when we hit something submerged (possibly a body from the last illegal border run) and the motor gave out. Quick running repairs and we make it to La Union, El Salvador. Perfectly lives up to the semblance of a sketchy boarder/port town in Central Americas most dangerous country & most of us are pocket-fingering knives whilst trying to sort a van the hell out’ve there. With a good swell due later in the week we head to Las Flores and the legendary Punta Mango. As luck would have it everyone else had the same idea and the place is booked solid. As a last resort we try the big hotel right on the headland with a pool overlooking the point…. Jackpot. Now we wait.


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