I Like Mangos

As I said, we couldn’t find anywhere cheap to stay so we splashed for the clifftop. Amazing view and could be one of the picks of the trip if the manager wasn’t a complete toolbox. If he wasn’t hassling us for money in advance or trying to up the room rates daily he was kicking our more plebatorian friends out because they weren’t buying enough from the restaurant. One of the weirdest people I have ever met. But while the view, the pool and the air-con are good, we’re in El Salvador for right hand point-breaks, the mango kind in particular. And with the Pacific finally waking up we’re in luck.


Kiwi boys getting vocal on the point


After a couple of days of surfing the points around the hotel (Los Flores to one side and La Vaca – the cow – on the other) the anticipated swell fills in and we’re getting a 5am boat to Punta Mango. Its pretty solid and the beach launch proves interesting with the first boat off the rank getting a bit overexcited, caught out (or in) by a set, goes airborne as they punch a vertical wall at 20 knots and broadside in the impact zone as they kill the outboard on landing. I’m not sure how the next wave doesn’t flip the thing but it fills it with water and returns it to shore in pretty quick order. Our drivers a little more composed and times his run to perfection. Punta Mango is cooking. Crowded but plenty of waves and nice to finally be out on a quality, overhead right point. Matty’s shown up from the oblivion of Columbia and is in great form.

                   Glad I wasn’t on this boat…
            More mangos…

All the dawdling down south comes at a cost however, and that cost is El Salvadorian point breaks. A shame as my backhand could do with another couple of….years here and it would have been good to have had more of a look around this beautiful but dangerous country (I’ve never seen so many guards armed with shotguns outside everything from pharmacies to doorknob stores). I’m sure Mexico will deliver a few more right points and after a quick call into La Libertad and Punta Rocha, leave the boys in El Salv and head for Mex. Mish is off, end of his trip. Been great having him along and looking forward to more roadies at home.

Mish dropping in on the Hangover 2 pic: ML

Some more crackers from Mikko:


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