MexPipe and left points?

Mexico. With only moderate bus/border/taxi dramas, made it. Weather’s much more agreeable than the sticky south, food’s cheap and really good, and the waves are big, powerful and super consistent. A little too big at Puerto Escondido with even a fairly moderate swell producing heaving double to triple overhead wedges on Zicatela main beach. Pros, boogies and crusty ole guys on 8′ guns are all over it but without the board (or the inclination) to give solid Puerto a nudge, La Punta down the beach is the perfect hideout (yep, only I would go to Mexico and surf left points). Apparently the last few big swells have pushed a lot of sand in and its actually a really good wave at the moment – breaking for nearly 400m with 3 barrel sections!! Legs are jelly after a few of the rides. Bonnie Geronimo has taken a well earned break from GSI and come over to snag a few on her new quiver as well – ripping!

With more swell on the way we get hold of a new truck (sigh) and head south to meet up with Motley Central Crew and chase some of these famed Mexican rights.



Zicatela at front, La Punta out the back


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3 Responses to MexPipe and left points?

  1. James McIntosh says:

    Man I love Puerto. Go check out the local rodeo if its on…. awesome times. Also had some great waves at la punta

  2. Susan shand says:

    Rodeo! Don’t do it Tom!

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