Salina Kooks

Once a closely guarded secret, the potential of Southern Mexican righthand point breaks was showcased worldwide in 2006 with the Ripcurl pro held at incredible Barra de la Cruz. It wasn’t long before everyone realised A) It was a once in 10 yr swell and Barra was never going to be that good again, but B) there were a dozen or so other world class waves in the area. Unfortunately people soon-after realised there was money to be made running surf tours – serious money. An American firm set up shop in Salina Cruz charging Mentawai boat trip prices for locally guided 4WD tours of the area. Only problem was that the waves didn’t get Mentawai boat trip good all that often and when they did, they were choca full of surfer-plebs doing things on the cheap themselves. Solution…. ban anyone without a Salina Cruz guide from surfing. And this was (and still is) done with a mixture of in-surf and on-beach intimidation, vehicle damage (slashed tires in particular) and just generally being jerks. But it couldn’t last and the local guides hired by the American company decided they’d make better money running tours themselves and pretty soon everyone else in town with a 4WD jumped on the surf guide bandwagon too. So now the guides fight each other as well as anyone else who dares hunt around for waves by themselves…

And this is exactly what we decided to do in our trusty 3 cylinder V8 van. Luckily for us the guides can’t be everywhere at once and, even better, a few of the villages have decided f#%k that, we don’t want Salina Kooks up here running the show and have made it quite clear the beach is for everyone (for a small entrance fee 😉

Stayed at a great little camp run by Coco and Leo, donkey (male) and their donkey-loving dog (also male!? – don’t ask). Tested our van to the limits in scrub (pass), mud (pass), sand (pass), thigh-deep water (pass) and sand-water slurry (epic Fail). Swell a bit small and sand not great on any of the points (Bamba breakwater a different story…) but good waves and fun times had with Bonnie Geronimo, the central crew and new mates from California – John D and Captain Redbeard.






Mexican Gold

Cocoleoco crew

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  1. Great posts, cant wait to read the rest of them as your adventure unfolds… now back in the world of e-mail, phone calls and outlook calendar overflow, I laugh as I scratch at the insect bites that now bring some sick satsifaction to me, as I am reminded of every sunset walk back up the sand to paddle for another wave. Little blood suckers miss me I’m sure.

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