Sometimes you’re timings on, sometime you’re like a wayward Wallaby backline. We thought we were killing it heading north to a secret righthand rivermouth just in time for a new swell…but we forgot to check the wind and were greeted by 40 knot onshores for the first two days – damping everyone’s spirits, exhausted our rum supply and bringing half our palapa roof down on us. Then….it turned on….and stayed on…. All day, every day. We clock up some serious time in the water, meet half of Australia, watch a couple of locals chasing each other around with sticks and knives (apparently someone’s wife got a bit independent during independence day celebrations…) and enjoy our time immensely. Great atmosphere in the water when its full of Australians and Kiwis without a local or Brazo in sight. Timing on the backhand even seems to be on the improve…

The setup...



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  1. Robbie says:

    Looks sick bro looking forward to the left pics

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