adios, chau, hasta luego Mexico

That’s all, its done. Point cranked, tommys left (sorry, but as i’m the only one surfing it i’ll freakin name it what I like) spat out barrels like a….barrel-spitting machine and the beach break….well the beach break was just its usual gnarly, packed-with-boogies, uninviting self. Did pick up a new addition to the family courtesy of my mate Reilly – a pristine 9’0 Brewer gun. She’s a beautiful machine – though i’m not sure if she’ll ever be field tested in truly adequate conditions….

Time to part ways with Hectic & the big G. Thanks for the memories and enjoy the rest of the trip boys, its been alltime. Californian-bound with Matty-dub to catch up with a few of the great crew we’ve met along the way. Will miss you Mexico with your unexpectedly good lefthand point, tortillas with every meal and generally random flavour.

Tommys left.....

La Punta - still going all day every day


Newest addition to the family

After four months of wear from Peru to Mexico #1 surf-shirt reaches retirement

From where you're rather be....

Hello Mexico city….. you’re just like every other city…. but mexican flavored.




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  1. Roger says:

    Another one for the workshop rafter collection…. its already got a similar looking mate waiting!

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