central coast cruisin

Leaving San Diego we bypass LA and head straight for the central coast where the first good NW swell of the year is due. First stop Ventura to hunt out some little ramps to live out our Dane Reynolds fantasies (we watched way too much Spills & Thrills). Saw someone bust an insane 360 out @ C-street. Figured it was probably Dane or someone but when he came in we saw it was actually Lakey Peterson. Ripping Chica!

Unfortunately Dane was in France and we’re quite shit surfers so after finding some little wind-blown chunk-burgers at Silver Strand we head north to catch up with our mate Johnnie. John lives with his lovely family at Morro Bay & is Amped to have some Kiwis in town to show around. Especially amped to take us into The Ranch – a Californian icon. The ranch is a private landholding with land access solely restricted to owners. Given the Californian crowds its not surprising that well-off (generally older) surfers hare happy to part with 5mil for access to the dozen or so points and reefs within. This creates a somewhat divided crowd with the land-access guys (owners) chatting happily within themselves but completely ignoring the boat guys, and the boat-guys (generally better, younger surfers) happily leaving them to talk while paddling deeper up the point. Apparently they’re trying to get boats banned on environmental grounds – ironically ignoring the fact they drive on the beaches to get to the waves….

Unfortunately the swell never really fills in and while we can see the potential and have a few little waves its just not quite happening. We spend a few more days chasing waves around Morro & the surrounds before continuing north – next stop Santa Cruz. Thanks to Johnnie and his lovely family for the unbelievable hospitality. Welcome in NZ anytime!


Santa Cruz. I don’t have much to say about Santa Cruz except there are lots of derros on the streets, lots of college kids in the bars & lots of seals on the pier – this one’s called Gus. Later Santa Cruz.


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