PQ’s been a busy boy pulling together some great vids of the travels. Enjoy

Lobitos, Peru

Chicama, Peru

Arica, Chile

Pichilemu, Chile


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  1. ben says:

    Gday Tom,

    Tim (Mornington peninsula) just showed me your blog. I love it… great words and AMAZING photos. I’m inspired! And on top pf that, it looks like you got amazing conditions in a lot of places. We just got El Salvador flat, which was a bit of shame.

    Cheers mate


    • Tom says:

      Hey Ben,
      Thanks mate, yea it was great fun. I’ve been keeping an eye on yours too when Timmy posts em up. Epic vid from Nic through El Salv! Gutted you guys didn’t quite get the swell in El Salv but sounds like Boom was on & i’m sure you’ll get pumping Puerto. Hopefully you get enough for La Punta to turn on – the sand was just so good last month! Looking forward to the next vid – keep me sane back home in cold water & 2ft mush!

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